45FT 카타마란

45ft Catamaran Yacht

45ft 파워 카타마란

길이: 13.72 m

폭: 7.15m

깊이: 0.80m

승선인원: 52인승

엔진: 125HP x 2

As for cruising yachts, transportaion is quite tricky and costly considering the added cost of a carrier vessel.
Hence, S Com Tech devised the way to separate the boat and was able to put the yacht into two of 40ft HQ containers.
S Com Tech set LOA as 28ft to be able to loaded onto 40ft HQ containers, but keep the minimum size for user’s sailing convenience.
In terms of LOA, Smart Cat S280 is 7ft shorter than other competing models, but the beam is 17.4ft.
The breadth should be at least 16.4ft to be furnished with three or four bed rooms, a galley and a bathroom.

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